Our mission

At Vyoma, we prioritise efficiency in space operations for our clients: satellite operators and intelligence officers. We understand their pain points because we operate satellites ourselves.

With a passionate team of experts, rigorous research, and a lean and cost-efficient NewSpace approach, we provide reliable and agile space solutions.

Our cause

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable space environment for current and future generations. Our part in this is making sure that collisions are avoided, and the growth of such fragments is mitigated. We furthermore actively support any efforts for active debris removal.

Our mission is not only to ensure a healthy growth of the space ecosystem but also to leave a legacy of responsible space stewardship, for the benefit of all humankind.

the people behind the spacey vision

Vyoma founders

Meet the minds behind Vyoma: Dr. Luisa Buinhas, Christoph Bamann, and Dr. Stefan Frey. With diverse expertise in aerospace engineering, astrodynamics, and business management, they united to redefine space safety. Their collective vision drives our mission to revolutionize space technology and open new frontiers in space.

Dr. Luisa Buinhas

Chief Program Officer

Christoph Bamann

Chief Operating Officer
Managing Director

Dr. Stefan Frey

Chief Executive Officer
Managing Director

Join the team

Be part of the mission to a cleaner and safer Space! Join Vyoma as we tackle the challenge of managing space traffic through awareness and automation.

If you're passionate about space, innovation, and making a positive impact, seize this opportunity, and let’s shape the future of space technology together!

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