Understanding and effectively managing space traffic

Gain comprehensive insights to optimise space operations and mitigate risks to foster a safe and secure space environment.

Our services

Next-level space traffic management

Our Services for Commercial SPace Operators

Collision avoidance

Obtain timely conjunction warnings and optimal manoeuvres for smooth operations

Our Services for Defence OPerators

Orbit determination

Get exclusive LEO-to-GEO orbital data solutions with Vyoma's sensor network.

Benefits for you

We empower you with:

Concise fleet status overview

24/7 space traffic information

Timely anomaly warnings and pattern-of-life updates

Responsive flight dynamics support and automated tools

Our sensor network

Ground-based and space-based surveillance

With our global ground-based network in collaboration with our partners, coupled with upcoming in-orbit sensors, we provide precise space data intelligence to empower well-informed operational decisions.

Let’s talk about efficient space operations

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