Secure your assets with Vyoma’s solution for space domain awareness.

Service for Defence Operators

Orbit determination

In a nutshell

No blind spots – with continuous space surveillance and Vyoma’s own early warning system, satellite manoeuvres and newly inserted objects will be detected in a matter of minutes.

Service overview

On-demand tracking: Obtain exclusive observations of satellites of interest upon request from our sensor network.

Improved orbit estimates: Enhance accuracy to quickly identify target orbit and intent of satellites after manoeuvres.

Anticipate updates: Be informed about the timing of the next update on the state of your object of interest with our orbit pass predictions.

Flexible tiers:  We offer flexible tiers, allowing the monitoring of single targets up to hundreds of satellites.


Trustworthy space domain intelligence

Timely anomaly warnings and pattern-of-life updates

Reliable space object characterisation, including early detection and reporting of anomalous behaviours

Product overview

Orbit determination dashboard

Let’s talk about efficient orbit determination!

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